We are housing finance company that cares about the housing dreams of informal income spectrum. You aspire for a house and we help you to build your dream castle. National Housing Bank approved; IFL Housing Finance is amongst the first organizations in India to claim disbursal in 3 days. The epicenter of our firm lies in helping people across all over India to give shape to their dreams in the form of houses. Turning dreams into reality.

Nowadays, home buyers have too many options to choose from while buying a home loan. They are confused while looking at all those options that they are not able to reach a decision. There are many housing finance companies in India, but which one is the best, it is difficult to choose from so many.

There is an old saying that if something is too good then it is not true. This same thing happens with loans, be it a home loan or a home improvement loan or any loan. It feels a burden just by thinking about all the paperwork and all the formalities and all the later EMI’s that are to be paid.  Despite everything, loans are the options that people keep for last option.

It is seen that if there is someone who has not taken any type of loan in their life, they are considered a negative. In fact loans actually prove to be good in long run.

Here are some points where you will see how your financial status is determined if you have taken any type of loan.

If you do not have a credit history then no loan for you!

Debt is the only word that is feared by every person. Although,debt is a scary word and this might create a problem for you when you are trying for a loan. A credit free history is not favorable by the banks and no bank will give a loan. If you have never availed a loan then there is no public record of that. An absence of a credit score is as bad as a poor credit score. If there is someone who has a low income but they have a healthy credit score then they may not face any trouble. Here are some pointers you can do to maintain a good credit score.

Credit card –You can opt for a credit card on a bank fixed deposit. The banks offer you credit line with a security deposit. Every time you swap your card and make timely payments then this only adds to the good credit score of yours. This way you can build a good credit score slowly and steadily.

Go for a small loan firstGo for a small loan against a fixed deposit to build a good credit score. Usually, banks offer a loan of almost 90% if taken against fixed deposit, which does not include any processing charges. If you timely pay your loan back then your credit score will increase according to time.

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Tax Benefits


It is understood that numerable amount of tax benefits. As a borrower, this is a situation which is in your hand if you use it judiciously.

Home Loan – First-time homeowners can likewise assert an extra finding of Rs 50,000 as reported by the Finance ministry in budget 2016. With a home credit, you pay sensible EMI’s influencing your buy to make it agreeable. Aside from influencing your fantasy of owning a home come to genuine, home advances offer duty refund of up to Rs. 1.5 lakh on a primary scale. Appreciations in the property’s estimation alongside the taxes are included advantages.

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Education loan –Education loans increase the value of your life by helping you build up a powerful profession, which is an acknowledging resource. An accomplished individual can make awesome monetary esteem and secure his money related future. Training credit enables understudies to seek after courses in top household/outside colleges without stressing over the weighty expenses. These credits likewise have the extra advantage of duty conclusion of the intrigue paid in a money-related year.

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Loan against fixed deposits – Loan against fixed deposits like gold; securities and so on bear the cost of borrowers a pad in case of a money-related crisis. Likewise, business visionaries searching for assets to extend their business get bolster as business advances permitting them a stage to develop. Every one of these loans guarantees you get enough monetary liquidity to sidestep any money related weaknesses.

Money related planning and discipline – A man reimbursing a loan begins to wind up monetarily taught likewise Learns to plan and spending plan. Any deferral in reimbursing EMIs can prompt punishments and a drop in the financial assessment. Along these lines, borrowers must figure out how to be restrained. This learning pays off on different parts of their cash administration and riches creation.

Good loans and bad loans – When taking any loan check on two parameters. The first is to guarantee that your advance gives you some duty proficiency, which will at the end help in cutting down the general cost of the advance. For instance, a home loan permits tax reductions make it a helpful advance to consider while an individual advance to purchase a TV may not be awesome, as it offers no degree oftax proficiency.

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The second is to check whether the advance is being utilized to get an acknowledging resource, for instance, a training advance values your profession, make it a decent loan. However, spending by means of your MasterCard on an occasion won’t make a similar incentive for you, therefore making it a terrible loan.

Generally, loans and obligations are not frightening but rather they enhance your monetary wellbeing.


There is so much that has to look into while choosing a home loan or home improvement loan,the tenure of the loan, the EMI’s, mode of payments and a lot more. To make things much easier and to clear out the confusion, here is a housing finance checklist which will help you to finalize the home loan.

  1. Few out of every odd home loan supplier will have branches or workplaces in each area in India. In the event that you wish to purchase a house at an area that is far from your working environment, at that point, it is best to pick banks or lodging account organizations that have branches at the two areas. This will make it less demanding for you to get in touch with them at whatever point important.
  2. In the event that you need to purchase a plot and develop your home on it, you may locate the accessible housing finance decisions to be very restricted. There are not very many banks and housing finance organizations that offer composite home loan choices. In such cases, it is fitting to decide on housing finance that causes you profit the advantage of a plot/arrive loan and in addition home development loan.
  3. Likewise, individuals with a low credit score or awful credit history may discover it very hard to get a housing loan. In any case, they can even now visit a bank or a housing finance organization to get a house loan. These house loans, be that as it may, may accompany a higher edge commitment and a higher home loan fee according to the credit arrangements of the bank or a housing finance organization.
  4. You can pick the best home loan according to the level of the loan that is given by banks or housing finance organizations. On the off chance that one bank offers 80% of the aggregate property estimation in the loan sum and another offers you 85% of the aggregate property estimation in the loan sum; at that point, you can select the one that offers a higher rate (i.e., 85% of the aggregate property estimation) of the home loan subject to your budgetary necessity. This alternative turns out to be useful for property purchasers who can’t concoct a substantial upfront installment sum. Nonetheless, it might be noticed that EMIs tend to increment with an expanded loan sum. In this way, pick a loan specialist which best suits your budgetary needs. With respect to the level of the loan, rumored housing finance organization/banks dependably look to offer the best home loan.
  5. On the off chance that you need to enhance your home loan eligibility in India, you can do as such by settling on home loans with a 30-year or greater reimbursement design. Numerous Housing finance organizations/banks (loan specialist) offer this alternative.
  6. The procedure of a home loan application and dispensing can be long and require the accommodation of various records identified with confirmation of personality and habitation, salary and that’s just the beginning.
  7. Analyze home loan interest rates, preparing expenses, and different charges previously you pick a home loan from a bank. Additionally, if you already have a home loan then you can pick exchange of their current home loan to another moneylender that offer lower financing costs.
  8. A couple of banks/HFCs offer concessions and uncommon plans for ladies home purchasers and senior residents. This can help spare a considerable measure of cash on loan fee and different costs. A few moneylenders additionally offer alternatives to a crossbreed loan, joint home loan, and so forth. Check every one of these choices previously you pick home loan supplier in India.

Contact the IFL housing finance today to get point by point data on the various types of home loans that you can profit of according to your need!


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A home renovation loan is given by housing finance organizations to redo a house that you officially claim. It can be benefited in a way like a house loan. A home renovation loan can be taken for a period of 15 years or much more and can be reimbursed in EMIs. It can be utilized to complete significant repairs on the house or for a minor renovation like fitting fans, purchasing furniture, tiling the lavatory or kitchen, and so forth.

Have you quite recently acquired a humble new house or passed down one? Is it in a need some repair? Would you like to revamp it to suit your taste? Or then again, would you like to include another floor or some plan for the house? All things considered, you ought to absolutely simply ahead and transform your new house into the perfect home you had always wanted. On the off chance that you are slowing down on the renovation designs because of the absence of assets, at that point you can decide on a home change loan, a home expansion loan, or a house renovation loan.

Financing costs For Home Improvement Loan:

Like all housing finance loans, a house renovation loan additionally accompanies two sorts of loan fees, as specified beneath:

A Fixed Rate:

It is connected at the season of a loan endorsement and disbursal and stays consistent for the term of the loan. A fixed financing cost for a home renovation loan more often than not runs between 9 to 12.5% for every annum. Independently employed people might be offered a higher fixed rate than the salaried borrowers.

A Floating Rate:

It varies according to the bank’s prime loaning rate. It is normally lower than a fixed rate.

Eligibility Criteria for Home Improvement Loan:

Much the same as a home loan eligibility calculator, a home renovation loan additionally, has some eligibility criteria as recorded beneath:

  • It is important for you to be no less than 21 years old to benefit from a home improvement loan. The most extreme age for such a loan is 65 years or the retirement age. Subsequently, the residency of a house renovation loan can’t outperform the retirement age.
  • A home renovation loan can be connected independently or with your life partner or guardians as co-candidates. Note that every one of the proprietors of the house should be co-candidates of the home renovation loan (otherwise called a home change loan).
  • A home renovation loan is accessible for both independently employed and salaried individuals.
  • Organizations can likewise apply for such loans in the event that they have stayed operational for an expressed timeframe. A few banks may likewise need the organizations to have been productive in the course of recent years.

What are the documents required for a home improvement loan?

IT returns, salary statements, and bank statements throughout the previous a half year’, the home renovation loan application shape with a photograph, apportion card, travel permit, or different address evidence, a personality confirmation like driver’s permit, and so forth., duplicates of the property deeds for accommodation alongside the firsts for check and the designer’s citation about the renovation cost.

The reports at that point should be given to the housing finance organization. A few banks may likewise request that you take a house protection approach with the moneylender as a recipient. Contact a housing finance organization today to get a home renovation loan or a home augmentation loan expected to transform your house into a fantasy home!

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