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We are housing finance company that cares about the housing dreams of informal income spectrum. You aspire for a house and we help you to build your dream castle. National Housing Bank approved; IFL Housing Finance is amongst the first organizations in India to claim disbursal in 3 days. The epicenter of our firm lies in helping people across all over India to give shape to their dreams in the form of houses. Turning dreams into reality.

Everyone has a dream to have their own house but everyone is not capable to buy. Despite of so many options of home loans schemes that are being provided to people of all wage group, they still prefer to rent out a house. They forget that while renting out a house they are just trying to increase the burden on their shoulders as the rent will be deducted from the monthly salary and will keep on increasing as the years pass by.

There are many questions which arise in the mind of a common man. We will discuss some of the questions from the lot.

  1. Buying a house or to rent a house?
  2. If you want to buy a house then what all this you should keep in mind while buying a home?
  3. When you are all set to buy a house then what type of the loan you should go for and what should be the tenure?
  4. If, by any chance you lose your monthly income then what should you do during those months.

These questions are very important to answer and we have the answer to all these questions.


home loan eligibility

Exceptionally high rent, exceptionally high lease rates and low mortgage rates have strongly motivated people to buy their house before their planned date. There is different thought process of the people who are still waiting for the market prices to get back to its senses and are not sure about whether to dive in or not for they fear the positive and negative returns. It is always better to blow the hot milk before drinking it and to rent out or buy the house you have to dig deep into the pros and cons of the both.

Both buying and renting out the house has its own benefits and the Do’s and Don’ts will make the doubts clear.

The Do’s and Don’ts of buying a house


  • The value rate of houses ascends by 4 to 6 % every year. This makes housing finance, similar to those gave by a housing finance organization, a monetarily remunerating alternative. Regardless of whether the estimation of home does not rise, property holders can manufacture value.
  • You can profit of tax cuts related with the EMI installments of your home loan.
  • You can remodel your homes through painting, tiling, overhaul, as and when you need. You needn’t bother with any affirmation of the proprietor.
  • A fixed rate house loan implies that the interest and the key part of the home loan continue as before. This implies you have supported yourself against any interest change. The rental cash shoots up incrementally by 10% in every year in the greater part of the cases.
  • Ownership of a home makes you more dedicated and engaged with the neighborhood society. It encourages a solid way of life that is more secure.
  • You can likewise put resources into a home by profiting a home loan. When contributed carefully, the rental wage from the venture home can be utilized to balance the home loan cost/EMI mostly or even completely. Once the home loan is reimbursed, you are the glad proprietor of an important resource.
  • A Tenant might be requested to move by the Landlord whenever. You never again have the problems of pressing and unloading similar to the case with living in rental homes.


  • Homes are fixed assets and can’t be sold without prior warning assets should be all of a sudden orchestrated.
  • Home proprietors need to bring about normal costs, for example, upkeep, property duties and society charges, and so forth.
  • To benefit of a home advance, you would need to make an underlying initial installment which could be a significant strong entirety.

The Do’s and Don’ts of renting a house


  • Unlike purchasing a house with the guide of housing finance, rental home gives you the adaptability and opportunity, unless the lease understanding is having a secure period.
  • A lease agreement can be ended substantially more effortlessly than a home loan. A home loan requires more elevated amounts of sense of duty regarding gaining an unflinching salary for a more extended timeframe.
  • If you are looking out for other profession alternatives or your activity requires consistent migration then you can without much of a stretch move to another place and you can remain in a rented house.
  • There are no extra expenses to rental home, for example, general upkeep/society charges or assessments, which are typically bared and paid by the Home Owner.


  • Renting a home shields yet does not give you the security of a benefit which you can arrange off to raise supports on a day when it pours cats and dogs.
  • In most urban areas, rental costs tend to rise each time the tenure terminates. Rent acceleration should be calculated in while settling on a choice on recharging; else the dull procedure of finding another home and moving will take after.
  • A home advance gives you the delight of owning your own home, one that is your space and which can be customized to your tastes. A rental home is no place near bringing this bliss as even minor changes to the home need early consent of the property holder.
  • Repayment of home advances and property charges are deductible from salary assess, subsequently diminishing the general cost of owning a home. Leasing does not give any such alternative of an assessment derivation. While you can announce the lease you pay to make your HRA tax exempt, it is irrelevant when contrasted with the tax reductions you get from benefiting a Home Loan.

Contact IFL housing finance to get more information on the home loan process and related documentation, to make the dream of owning your home a reality.



Most of the over confident people think that buying a house is as easy as eating because all you have to do is gobble up. Buying a home requires a lot of research, efforts, money and comparison within the market. Believe me, it is not a piece of cake that you can bite into it and relish.

Here we will tell you the main points and what all things you have to do when you have made up your mind to purchase the house.

Market Research

Reaching different property dealers and developers to accumulate the rundown of housing projects that are accessible in the market, alongside the rundown of banks and lodging money offices backing the venture, is the underlying phase of any exploration did by the home buyer in the market.

Developers or Builders

It’s extremely vital to watch the developers profile and his general history before taking any choice. Float over the web and assemble the data with respect to the manufacturer’s old endeavors and the audits of the client in regards to it.

Checking the validness of the Project is the imperative the same number of manufacturers falls into different cases of extortion or building the house on a non-approved land. In that capacity it is exceptionally fundamental to check the title deed of the land whereupon the task is being manufactured. Ensure that the whole format of the Project has been endorsed by the Development Authority.

Housing Finance Company

In the wake of choosing the Right Project from a deemed developer, Comes the exact subsequent stage of recognizing the correct lender with appropriate Home Loan Schemes. Begin with investigating the items the lodging money organizations in India brings to the table, like IFL housing finance, an affordable housing finance who offers home loans and home improvement loans.

It is exceedingly prudent to check the accompanying elements towards the different home loan Finance Companies in India before acquiring your home:

  1. Total Home Loan Amount- So while Choosing a housing finance company, keep the track on the level of the loan that is being offered against your property as the home loan sums in India lies between 80% to 85% of the Original property estimation.
  2. Charges- Make sure you do not fall into any false promises and don’t let any housing company fool you by putting extra charges or you are being overcharged.


Choosing any Scheme without contrasting it is much the same as picking the most beautiful shoe out of the lot despite wearing it to see the comfort. Continuously look out at the best offers gave in the market as there is an awesome shot of transaction and picking the best with the most minimal rate.

Compare the projects with different developers in view of the Time Period used to build the house, the materials utilized for making the house, contractors working with them on the project, the way the manufacturer response towards any enquiry and the money related foundations associated with them. Never miss the locality along the offices gave by the manufacturer, as a home with great region and best offices is constantly worth purchasing even at higher cost.

Never miss the comparison at the different money related establishments previously influencing the last buy as various foundations to give diverse plans at different rates. Keep in mind, customer testimonies talks the genuine administrations provide food by the foundation.

Keep your mind constantly clear with what kind of property you will purchase, as the cost will dependably change in view of the sort of property, concerning occasion in the event that you need to purchase a prepared to move property or an under development property.

Go ahead with the reading of testimonials on the homepage of the IFL to know more about us and our working.


The EMI would be bigger amid the underlying months and progressively lower with each installment. The rate designated towards installment of the foremost sum relies upon the loan cost given by the Housing Finance Company. Notwithstanding the way that you’re month to month EMI installment won’t change, the extent of important sum and intrigue will change with time.

You take a big home, at that point taking a protection cover as is dependably the best practice. Buy a term design of a similar add up to guarantee that nothing come in the middle of you and your family happiness.

Purchasing a house is itself an enormous budgetary decision, and on a normal, a man slices his 25% to 40% of his family expenditure subsequent to taking the Home Loans in India. If you are going for a home loan, at that point you ought to be prepared to contribute 20% of property estimation. This sum ought not to be raised through loan or debt. In a perfect world, it is prudent to contribute no less than 40% initial installments from reserve funds to decrease loan trouble.

It’s profoundly prescribed to utilize the Home Loan EMI Calculator to figure the EMI you will get in view of the credit sum and the loan fee gave by the Housing Finance Company. For an occasion attempt our Home Loan EMI Calculator

Correct Paperwork

Corrected paperwork should constantly be conveyed before you buy any property with a specific end goal to stay away from any fall for the false guarantees by the Builder or the financial establishment.

The building designs ought to be endorsed by the advancement expert without which the development of any building will be considered as illicit. The core authoritative report that goes about as the confirmation of offer and exchange of the Property is the Sale deed and all things considered it is obligatory to peruse every last terms and condition before closing down the last paper.

Do whatever it takes not to let the bunch of home credits papers to slow down you in making blind signs on authoritative archives. Check the records to ensure that the terms are the same as what you masterminded and settled upon. Read the reports purposely and know the particular charges pertinent.


affordable housing finance

Home loan tenure means to the length or term of the home loan. Home advances ordinarily accompany tenure of between 5 to 30 years. Home purchasers ordinarily decide on a more extended tenure and not a shorter one. The acquired home credit sum and the tenure decide the EMIs that should be reimbursed by the borrower.

An EMI is bring down with a more drawn out tenure, while, it is high with a short tenure. Thus, you, as a borrower, arrive up paying an expansive sum as the aggregate home advance loan cost for a more extended tenure and a littler financing cost sum with a shorter tenure.

Housing Finance Companies offer a more extended tenure to build the home loan qualification. Instead of the PSU banks in India, private banks and lodging fund organizations are more adaptable in expanding the home loan qualification.

What are the factors that determines the tenure of home loans

Present Income– The present pay and consumption/expenses will help decide the month to month reserve funds or net extra cash. In the event that you have a low pay and sparing, you may settle on a more extended house advance residency as it will lessen the EMIs. Therefore, the general money related weight on you will be lower and you can keep on maintaining your way of life and have an agreeable existence. On the off chance that you have a low pay, you ought to decide on a more drawn out lodging credit residency despite the fact that the aggregate financing cost add up to be paid will be higher. The residency can be changed later on by prepaying the advance as and when the pay and investment funds increment.

Age of the home buyer– The term of home loan ought to ordinarily be until the time of retirement. Therefore, a man of age 60 years can settle on a housing loan residency of 5 years. While, a man aged 30 years with low wage, can, be that as it may, decide on a more drawn out residency. As a borrower, you won’t just have more opportunity to pay off the housing finance loan yet will likewise be able to prepay the advance and lower the tenure as and when the pay increments with advancements, increase, and so forth.

Rate of interest of home loan- Loan specialists for the most part offer a lower financing cost for housing finance assumed control over a here and now. This is on account of money related organizations can foresee the financing cost vacillations temporarily. This isn’t the situation with long residency advances and consequently, it has a higher home loan rate of tenure. In the event that you, as a borrower, have the monetary assets and adequate liquidity to reimburse a home loan, you may settle on a short residency to profit by the low-financing costs.

Home loan amount- The aggregate sum obtained from the bank as a home loan additionally assumes a part in deciding the residency. It is smarter to select a long residency if the obtained sum is enormous. This will guarantee that the reimbursement of the advance is spread over numerous years, along these lines, diminishing the EMI load.

Your search for the required home loan with suitable tenure ends here.


It is not necessary that every person earns on a regular monthly basis. If you are suffering from a very bad luck and you lost your job, this can result into depression as we all know that it is not easy to find a new one. One thing never stops are the EMI’s no matter if you have the job or not. So, what will you do during that time when you are not employed from few months or more than 6 months? How will you pay the installments?

Home loans are normally a long time money related responsibility that can keep going for a long time. It is critical to make EMI installments without falling flat on face; else, there is a danger of default and ownership of the property by the loan giver.

The activity showcases earnings, and so on are inclined to market dangers. Rising inflation can likewise put an enormous weight on the funds and increment the typical cost for basic items. Indeed, even in such circumstances, home advance borrowers need to keep paying the EMIs. For every one of these reasons and that’s just the beginning, it is essential to cushion EMIs for extreme months and balance monetary issues later on.

What measures you should take?

  • Go for the perfect sum as housing loan keeping in mind your present wage, future augmentations, conceivable advancements, professional stability, and so forth. Try not to overstretch yourself by taking a big housing loan.
  • Re-try the month to month spending plan to incorporate the EMIs. You may likewise need to right and plan for the service charges in the new house. It is critical to rearrange the financial backing, as not doing as such may pressure your accounts and can affect your customary EMI installments.
  • Spare routinely and assemble a just-in-case account. Put aside a specific sum each month as funds. These funds can help keep carrying on with the agreeable life amid terribly low money related months. Crisis assets can help pay for sudden medical problems. It can likewise deal with the EMI installments amid intense months.
  • Exploit the duty conclusions accessible for home loan. Tax breaks can be guaranteed for central and home loan interest rate reimbursements and in addition for related costs like home advance handling charge, home renovation loan, stamp duty, enrollment expenses, and so on. Such tax saving can help support your investment funds which can be utilized as a part of extreme months.
  • Guarantee that the tenure of the house loan is perfect. It ought not to extend for a long time nor should it be too short. Register housing loan tenure that outcomes in EMIs that you can bear to pay with no budgetary strain.
  • Pay before a specific measure of the house loan when your funds are vigorous or when you have benefit increases like legacy money, rewards, and so forth. Prepayment cannot just help decrease the aggregate home loan sum yet additionally will bring down the general home loan rate of interest.

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