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There are many terms that are used in housing deals. Some of them can be very confusing for the people who are naïve.

Developers have a tendency to promote and figure the cost of another expanding the rack rate or the base rate and after that heap the additional expenses on to it before landing at the last cost. This isn’t dissimilar to the cost of an auto from the showroom to on street.

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The cost goes up when you add highlights to the auto and the last cost before charges turn into the on-street cost. Correspondingly, with homes the rate per square foot is then stacked with pleasantries, FSI in view of floor you have picked, expenses of club enrollments etc. This is called stacking. If you are interested in buying a home loan or home improvement loan then it is important to know the related terms. We should start with understanding the terms first.


An area which can actually be covered by the carpet is carpet area or on the other hand, the region of the place removing the thickness of internal dividers. Carpet area does exclude the space secured by regular territories, for example, lobby area, lift, stairs, play area, and so on. Carpet area is the genuine region you get for use in a lodging unit.

So when you are looking for a house, take interest at the cover region and afterwards settle on your choice, since that is the number that will give you a thought of the real space available to you. Concentrating on the cover territory will enable you to comprehend the usable region in the kitchen, room, parlor, and so forth.

These days, numerous builders don’t state carpet area at the beginning, and ordinarily, charge based on developed zone or super developed zone. Carpet area is more often than not around 70% of the developed zone.


The build-up area is the region that comes up after adding carpet area and wall area. Presently, the wall area does not mean the carpet area, but rather the thickness of the inward dividers of a unit. The region constituting the dividers is around 20% of the developed region and absolutely changes the point of view.

The developed region likewise comprises different zones commanded by the specialists, for example, a dry overhang, blossom beds, and so forth that signify 10% of the developed region. So when you consider it, the usable region is just 70% of the developed region. Along these lines, if the developed region says 1200 square feet, it implies around 30% (360 square feet) isn’t generally usable, and the real region you will get the chance to utilize is just the staying 840 square feet.



Carpet Area to Built Up Area Ratio Calculation

(Approx. Value )

Built-up Area = Carpet Area + 20% of carpet area

It means, If a carpet area is 750 Sq.ft, then

Built-up Area = 750 + (750*20%)

= 750+150

= 900 Sq.ft


This region incorporates normal luxuries, for example, the zone of lift shafts, anteroom, and hallway, proportionately separated among every single level proprietor. While these regions are normal, they are likewise by and large claimed by all the homeowners. The regular usable regions, for example, a swimming pool, garden and clubhouse, may likewise be incorporated.

Per square foot rate cited by the engineer is commonly connected on the super developed zone to decide the estimation of the level. This is the motivation behind why super developed territory is likewise some of the time alluded to as the saleable region. The distinction between the rates per sq foot from super-developed to cover has a tendency to be 30-40 percent. In situations where the condo edifices have a lot of comforts, it may go up to 50 percent.

Presently the chief thing to recollect is that the courts have commanded that all property bargains say the cover territory plainly so you as a shopper know precisely what you are paying for. Ensure you have a designer look through the plans of the home you are purchasing on the off chance that it is still under development so that you have a thorough idea of what you will be buying. Do not go for the contract if the carpet area is not promised.

You must be wondering that how THE CARPET AREA, THE BUILD-UP AREA, and THE SUPER BUILD-UP AREA helps in selection. Okay, let me give you an example. This is a great fundamental as manufacturers can put somewhere in the range of 65%-85% of the super build-up area as cover zone. That implies if the cost is cited as Rs. 1,000 for each sq ft super build-up region, the carpet area could be anyplace from Rs. 650 for every sq ft to Rs. 850 for every sq ft. In the event that this separation isn’t said in the assertion, request that the merchant/developer say it in the deal deed.


Per Square Foot Rate is the rate (per square foot) cited to you by your manufacturer or Real Estate engineer. It is ordinarily connected to the super build-up area to decide the cost of your level.

The critical thing to recollect here is that the per-square-foot rate of your level is regularly in light of the super developed territory (likewise called saleable zone), which incorporates not just the carpet area of your level (i.e. the usable region inside your level) yet additionally some extra regions of

  • Your condo (like overhang and porch territory)
  • Building complex (like entryways, staircases, entries, and so on.)

Loading is the contrast between the super built-up area and the carpet area of your level. It is utilized to include developed spaces not only designated to you. It incorporates shared regions like lifts, entryways, staircases and pleasantries, and a piece of your patio and gallery.

A Loading element of 1.20 implies that your developer has added 20% to your cover territory. In the event that your private task does not have numerous comforts, the loading element will be little. As a rule, a loading variable of 1.30 is viewed as adequate.

In any case, you should realize that a few manufacturers can turn to high loading – of 40-half. This can genuinely decrease the cover region of your level to half of its cited estimate. In this manner, it generally pays to know ahead of time the loading element of your level.

These are some of the basic terms you should remember while purchasing a property. It is advisable if you take a home loan with a long tenure. Find out your eligibility for a home loan and your tenure.

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